[Development] Payment System That Verifys TX Updates


hello, want to inform you all im planning move away from V4 of my API to Accept Payments on Hive and other Chain and Move to V5 with more Stablized.

reason i slowly moving things away from V4 because uses old Cached Data on Mysql for some part of API data but then my Mysql doesnt like how its playing right now with that how much Requestiong and breaking Database because keeps gets Rate Limited fast.

so what changes goign happen on V5 is all my Streaming APIs like Twitch/Vimm/Trovo and etc goign be cached over in Redis Server other then Mysql keep Proformance small. means i have to Reamp blacklist system for proventing channels be showed too on it.

but right now focusing getting Payment system done so i can start Verifying Payments of Hive/Hbd or any off-chains Crypto for donations / Buying Monthly roles

right now running behalf on my Payment Discord BOT but there is no Website Inergrations still yet.

thats when V5 goign be reamped and be direct Browser other then Discord BOT since limations on Discord BOT Request round Discord API

and not only that goign intergration WAX, Coinbase and few others like KO-FI/Stripe/Cashapp and etc too.

then down line i will make supported Gateway website for everyone to use for example everythign be full end Crypto Explorer API tracker with no ApiKeys part direct my API node only. and Detection NFT stuff too as payments too as System too.

but so far only focusing is getting some data Murged over to V5 and moving my Gaming API data to diffrent subdomain for others to use soon.

other that cant say any more infomation because lot private infomation been said round my community staff about plans of new STREAMING WEBSITE that going be part of Dapps round Hive and other outside chains too because we cant confirm if going be this directions or not.

i feeling VimmTV might ending up shutdown soon but its a 50/50 unsure since they Partnered Witness still in lower Ranking and they not getting enough funding making back after what happent past few months ago when servers went dead and they had to restore old site backups and many more. thats when Vimm needs lot support right this moment keep they Service active or there be Plan be Behalf of Me and few Community friends plans build our own just so Vimm can link to us if ends up that directions.

and streaming site going have 1 to 2 Sec delay ** OG MIXER FTL ENCORDERS** and going have Hive/Blurt/Steem/SOL/LENS but other chains other then Hive/Blurt/Steem we focusing Hive at moment since be first closed beta if end up my group build site and get tested and only be few selective users try it out.

and this be 100% new level stuff since most data forked of Glimesh who was one who created / Rebuild Mixer FTL back to life but then Glimesh did end up getting shutdown too like how Mixer has. so we still have old Source code and thinking Rebuilding hall stuff be away from Stripe to add Hive and etc.

and for VODS storage has to wait since we need find way store VODS into our Private IPFS server that can be Deleted / access outside IPFS servers too but not sure we be using IPFS or BTFS thats 1 of discussions we finding out for Video Storage and funding wise get all up.

and i do missed days Xeenon Website was 1 best Crypto streaming platform that did came strong and was part stable coin in ARBIUM Eth chain but then they ending up got shutdown because they Web3 apps changed TOS not allowed stable coins after they platform only lasted 5 weeks till shutdown but could me longer but cant confirm how long it was

but i meet lot awesome devs over there and was going plan be Staff there before got shutdown and we all still socializing and chat as friends so we havent lost contacts or moved on.

same thing with Theta staff friends i had past too, we still commincate now and then too.

but lot things been changing and lot Web3 and Dapps Changes starting happening including

@zenzo was slowly dieing because of they havent been working on projects and havent finished they forge V2 APP yet for ZFT (NFT NODE) to get all back active and alive.

and i do have Masternode running on they wallet but not much going on round them and planning be lucky and they would thank me if they really want them be active again.

we could easy add Zenzo Intergration to Streaming platform we making and make streamers get paid Zenzo including Users able stake Zenzo on streaming platform to freely support creators too. but thats be 1 of biggest discussions plans we have to think of and we do it for Dogecash too but i dont have that many things going round Dogecash projects or own a Masternode behalf to them. and for PIVX they chain blocks like 17gb and cant catch up size of that chain and storage just eats, eats, eats over and over to might end up few months be round 100gb of blockchain that my server has 0 sotrage soon.

so we do need plan some ideas and some goals incase if vimm does go down fully and i do support vimm because vimm 1 friendly platform we had, but vimm never got full promotions round hive and always been very low viewer base on platform as round 10 or 12 and not even over 1 mil or any form people like how Twitch is or Dlive is too.

so recomended help Vimm and support them keep projects going for them by voting witness and they really need it because we as streamer, they need a lot support and needs be doing Fast while supporting me too just so i can push this projects out for fallback.

want say too been long jurney for me and been very rough after how much been chaging every year and me getting too old like always. but doesnt mean im going be most smartest brain making things in future when i do move out my perents house and stuff 😛

and visitng communitys round worlds too means traveling be thing future too.

hope keep update on post and plans and good luck and keep @vimm Strong for me and rest my friends who trying hardest help them too.


for voting Vimm witness use this https://vote.hive.uno/@vimm.witness

or go direct profile too https://peakd.com/@vimm.witness

for helping my witness for fallback projects if Vimm does fails or shutdown


or go direct profile too https://peakd.com/@chisdealhd