Moments of NekoSune Life that i Suffer Family pain


hey guys, want to write this down because right now im little fed up with family issues and hope you guys will understand i been dealing / suffer without able move house and many more.

so start of 1st march, i been having a lot issues IRL with family because of my mum keeps yelling at me most time non-stop and point i was about to hurt my mum so much i fed up with all argues and many more.

since all way from 1st march to 6th march then my mum forces me i have no internet round 11pm UK timezone so means all my nodes that run at my house will consent having issues non-stop after my mum forces turn off wifi round that time all way morning.

since then all i wanted is be with my girlfriend @iialexnight and have atlest my own Home with her since she going try move to UK.

since all this issues i getting and point i fed up with all of it, i need you guys atual support me help me move house and get my girlfriend live with me from USA to UK in safe flight.

this will cover 2 other friends mine too who going come with me too.

want you guys please love of god, help me and donate to me after how much i really want move house since all this been ongoing and point i fed up not able spend more time with my girlfriend because lack of my mum doing so much damage to me giving me less time and many more.

and loads of you said i should get a JOB but issue with that i wont be able get paid till i do my trail test. and issue with that i wont be able work straight away and get paid straight away.

and wont be enough keep me holding move house and get all stuff including keep my VPS im paying £12 a month going what carries all APIS from HIVE nodes and few more that took me ages setup as wasnt easy build

so please start donate and support me, because i really need it since after all stuff i been having issues irl and really want move house prove i live myself for now till my girlfriend comes over.

Can donate by Cashapp: £NekoSuneVR
or Hive/HBD and other cryptos, just contact me for other cryptos on Discord that can be found @

Please do this so i can move on IRL and starting do more work myself just get my girlfriend over UK since i be unable move to USA