Small update of my Plans and Whats been going on lately


so today want Wrap some stuff together before we start hit 1st Jan 2022

so today i be working on @alloyxuast new Changes on New Years on 6th Jan

so put all this on record, we been changing lot stuff from BOT filters on our community forms even my Website too.

so past every Post i put on website push to Peakd, we get bunch BOTNET on website and thats right because we managed hit over 10k Traffic from last 30 days and are not from my API Requests.

so i checked my website and Alloy Community Website and we get BOTS like

so putting all this in Text, since my domain been round very long time and i have no clues todo or build.

so we be adding filters to our blogs block all Comments coming in even Account Registering too and have VPN ban waves too prevent VPN bypasses

thats 1 our main goal block out BOTS from BOTNET on my sites / Domain **TAKE YOUR PUNISH SPAMBOTS**

and theres much more to come too.

my community going rebuild our new Apps website that you able have new features like Alerts when someone donates you Crypto even Paypal and so much more.

and will come Patron for some users too when they linkup patron, alerts go off there too

this will include followers / subs as well from Twitch / VIMM and few other platforms if still on development / still support them streaming sites

and there be a Custom web store too that can pay Ranks for our Servers as Discord, Minecraft and even fivem 1 month. you can make it Monthly payments if you feel like to but main priority making it every 1 month 3 months and 6 month and 1 year and you get your Ranks on server even Discord too every Month for supporting us.

we be accepting loads gateways like XMR, BTC, ZENZO, PIVX, FLS, ARRR, DOGEC and many more including HIVE and HBD and WAX.

so that something coming down road development for Raise community funding help us do Charities or just Support other streamers / content creators

there be few changes on discord server wise and some stuff be automatically and some stuff manual by admins and myself.

there be Requirements to hit on getting streamer role and Content Creators Role too with Automatic Upgrade ranks on depends followers / subscribers and how much active round my channel and community’s channel too.

if never active round 30 days, we do play fair others that you get demoted from Streamers rank / content creator rank.

we putting lot Work into this and we trying push Partner or global partner where ever platforms we stream on but AVG is main key need your support.

down road i going remove my Twitch affiliate for good after Twitch not got anywhere supporting wise to me. and i feel sad it going end up this, but VIMM been more supportive to me a lot i mean **A LOT** and since im Vimm DEV / Vimm Staff i legit helping making VIMM better and ever and make it stronger then Twitch prove we dont take FEES and we don’t take any payout fees. all Rewards goes to Creators proven that we better then Twitch and Other platforms.

and i been doing loads different channels past even Breaking twitch TOS for Restreaming with affiliate even copyrighted music too. i had not got banned on Twitch yet even Twitch never been supportive for me at all a lot so my guess they might ditch me from lists.

and plus people who are Partner or Affiliate, they able Restream even not business so like **TWITCH WHY POINT NOT ALLOW SMALL STREAMERS RESTREAM BUT ALLOWING BIG STREAMERS** so point i trying say, VIMM been more home to me and i have good Friends on VIMM even few OG friends back mixer streams on VIMM.

other hands you can cast vote should i keep my affiliate on twitch or remove it below, because this stage i have no other choice for Twitch if so. i still be on twitch but less streaming there now. less i still take risk Restream with affiliate and hope twitch turns round found out and ban me or warn me about restream in TOS 😛

so lets not get OFFTOPIC now, so yes. there be system for that soon too

there be a lot discord changes too i mean a lot Changes as loads channels be deleting and few more.

since most my VRChat Friends in that server and few more people like Crypto team and NFT teams.

i still want grow AlloyXuast so much try make it become bigger community, because was loads Pros and cons with Streamers Connected (SC) but as me in they server till i left, everyone was begging for money not for content to enjoy.

as us AlloyXuast, we support other streamers. meet new streamers and few more. and keep mind i putting all work to this including @ShmoogleOsukami make best Community help others not just worry about Money wise and few more.

ether way thats all i going say for heads up, i be streaming tomorrow so if want catch me up tomorrow have chat and stuff. more welcome at this links below where find me


Hive witness 1 helps me and helps community including vote @alloyxuast hive witness too for community wise 🙂


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