Good Morning – Hive BLOG [13/12/21]


hello, i going Write this up for everyone today. hope everyone doing ok..

so i putting few words out here to everyone to Read because i been having rough days from 3rd December all way this Year and slowly tracking down stuff but most time im harf sleep.

so start of 3rd December story, what happen is i was downloading 4K Video Downloader Converter Official site.
you guys be thinking why need it, well i was going download all my old YT Videos and store to Cloud for backup to make my YT channel start again Fresh.

back story, so i was downloading it and it successful to Download. but there was hidden Embed pop up that unseen / spotted on that site.

then weird part is my ISP or Ad blocker / pop up blocker didn’t Detect it. but ether way it was random thing keep going threw sites to sites and so on.

so far i seen that it forces download Malware and RAT my PC with hit Virus Attack Forcely on me.

and since then this RAT was so powerful it scraped all my Logins all my sites even History i been on and caches too.

so since then my Twitter was hacked, not very bad hacked because still able access it. just they changed Display name and ICON as easy fix.

then after next day i was getting nonfictions on and on and on over again for COINBASE CODE telling me someone trying Bruteforce account **(KINDA POINTLESS FOR THEM BECAUSE ACCOUNTS BEEN LOCKED ANYWAYS WITH ID INDENTICATIONS)**

then since then there more accounts going down like even Facebook my account, and **TODAY my Instragram Account TOO**

This hacker doesnt learn his lessons not going threw my accounts, and Exposes his EMAIL that i was legit going BOTNET his Email for Payback after how stressful track my accounts in orders.

then since then after almost from 3rd December all way down now, still hacking my accounts but since my Password Manager got Corrupted, and force paid me 100 bits of Twitch and so on.

so right now you wont be hearing me for a months time till i sort this out fully.

My hive account is Safe and Secure, Tokens and stuff got Reset and Safe.

just at moment my focus is trying change much accounts i own and recover some too. because man this RAT was painful.

it was close lock my SSD up with RAT and i stopped it Sec it tired do it.

but other that hope you guys stay Safe, and be Careful too. because dont want anyone of you had same issue aka have small 10px 10px Window on screen and sending RAT on your pc.

this makes me mad too that i had to full wipe my PC and loose lot DATA because of this too. because my windows Defender was going off and off a lot and RAT was pretty much brick my PC a lot. but at lest i wipe my PC and got some my accounts back. but slowly recover more.