What should i get Destiny 2 Expectations Pack or PS4 with Destiny 2

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Hello World,

I’m a just little bit sad because the point is I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
I trying to save money up to get PS4 and few games plus planning get DLCS for Destiny 2.

Problem is for me I cant get JOB and Job Center+ say me I’m not ready for one. so the point is if I do get a job I have to pay my mum £300 and that’s it all rest goes to me. point is I get nothing at all much like I really wanted play with Nate_playz14 but issue him is his Hard Drive on Laptop is Damaged. so I can’t do much so my Road gonna End soon 🙁

I still love ya Faces and I still play games but I’m not gonna play much point of that.

I will keep my blog site going for you guys read threw.